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Nation Wide

Our security services are available throughout South Africa!


Providing a bespoke integrated solution to your Security requirements and needs.

Professional security services takes a huge weight off your shoulders, enabling you to focus on what’s important; running your business without the stress of staff and assets at risk.

Whether you need to improve your guarding, access management, CCTV, or alarm systems, Radar SA customises security packages to reflect the challenges at your site.

Whatever the risks in your particular industry, we have the best solutions available.

Gaurding & Surveilance

Banking security

Business park security

Industrial security

Commercial security

Residential estate security

Hospitality security

Retail security

Risk Analysis & Evaluations

Site inspections & evaluations


Undercover operations

Truth verification

Training & Development

Learnership management

Research & development

Skills development

Specialised training courses

Extra Services

We furthermore also cover:

Personal protection

Armed escorting

Alarm systems